Industrial Pantry Design, Unique and Artsy Pantry Decoration Inspiration


Pantry, also known as a clean kitchen, is an area for storing and serving fast food and drinks. In Best arcades to the kitchen, activities in the pantry are generally simple processing activities, such as warming food and making drinks. Because of its practical needs, the pantry is usually equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, and a small table.

The presence of a pantry in the house is also a supporting element of a modern lifestyle that complements the interior. Pantry can be an interior attraction because it gives an aesthetic value to the dwelling and can be placed anywhere in the house; near the family room, or even in some situations, close and blend with the living room in a small room with an open floor concept.
Having a comfortable pantry at home, coupled with an attractive and aesthetic appearance, is definitely everyone’s dream. You can design an attractive pantry design that is tailored to the desired interior design style. One of them is industrial interior style. This interior design style comes with a masculine appearance, with an appearance that looks very unique and artsy.

Industrial Pantry Design Wall Parts

• Unfinished Style

To get a distinctive industrial style look, you can leave the pantry wall unfinished, or at least have the impression of being unfinished or unfinished. Unfinished walls are walls that are gray in color just like the color of cement, which intentionally shows the original texture and is not painted.

• Exposure Brick
In addition to unfinished walls, you can also use exposed brick walls to get an industrial style appearance. An exposed brick wall is one of the most popular ways to get a strong industrial feel.

Industrial Pantry Design Floor Parts

For the floor, you can apply a similar style as for the walls. The unfinished style with cement is one of the best. In addition to the use of cement floors, you can also choose wood as a flooring material for industrial-style pantry areas.

Industrial Pantry Design with Original Material

Industrial is an interior style that emphasizes more original materials. You can get this distinctive look by using furniture and furniture made of real wood or metal without a touch of paint.
Letting the furniture look its original texture is a way that can create a strong and masculine industrial impression.

Industrial Pantry Design with Vintage Touch
As a complement to the industrial feel, add decorative elements and furniture made of wood and metal that look vintage. Such as tables, shelves, cabinets, furniture and other old accessories that can support an industrial impression.

Industrial Pantry Design; Lighting

As a final touch, don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting aspect. Hanging pendants can be attractive decorative elements in industrial-style rooms. Or if you like, add some of the latest kitchen equipment that you can easily get on the market.

Present some light bulbs hanging in the pantry area. You can try it by using a chandelier painted in porcelain or using an aluminum cover.

4 Types and Functions of Bricks for Natural Industrial Appearance

Although currently many new materials have emerged, such as gypsum, as well as the massive use of bamboo material, brick has not lost its fans.

To get a natural, classic, to traditional impression, interior walls with the use of bricks are highly recommended. The natural impression it displays can give a distinctive unfinished impression. Especially to emphasize industrial, rustic to traditional interior styles.

The application of the exposed brick concept is also relatively cheap when compared to other wall materials. Brick walls can be displayed plain or without plaster.

Red brick makes the room feel cooler. The walls are not easily cracked and guaranteed fire resistance. Besides being cheap, bricks are also proven to be more durable, stronger, and of course easier to obtain.

For those of you who are interested in using bricks, especially the type of exposure as a material as well as wall decoration, there is nothing wrong with knowing the type and function first.
Here are some types and functions of bricks, which are very flexible and you can adjust to the interior design style used.

Clay Bricks

#1 Ordinary brick

Ordinary brick is a type of red brick that has an erratic surface and color. It is usually used for walls by using a mixture of cement or mortar that acts as an adhesive.

#2 Brick face or exposed
This one brick has a neater surface and has a uniform color and pattern between one another. Exposed bricks can be used as wall coverings and decorations. The price of this brick is more expensive than ordinary brick.

#3 KWD Brick

KWD brick is a type of decorative brick that is quite in demand in the market. It is made of semi-solid clay, but retains a distinctly brick texture.

However, this type of brick is not as smooth as mixed or terracotta brick types. The price is also cheaper and economical, even though it does not reduce the natural and artsy impression.

Mixed Bricks

Mixed bricks are those made from a combination of sand and lime in a ratio of 1:8.
In the process of making mixed bricks, water is pressed into the material to form a solid material. This type is used on walls that are submerged in water, which requires a type of brick that is very strong, sturdy, not easily porous.

Paste Brick

Paste brick is a thin brick that is used by attaching it to a ready-made wall. This is a solution to present the impression of being exposed to the wall without the need to remodel it.

Paste brick has a thickness of about 2 centimeters, so it does not make the wall feel thicker even though it has been coated with this paste brick. Paste bricks are indeed used more for decoration so they are not made as sturdy as building materials in general.

Terracotta Bricks

Terracotta brick is a type that has a smooth surface when compared to ordinary ones. The shape is more precise so it looks neat when used.

Terracotta is priced quite high than ordinary brick or brick paste. However, don’t worry, the expensive price is commensurate with its appearance that looks neat and in accordance with its function. This type of exposed terracotta brick has a long durability, is durable, and of course it is very neat because it goes through a perfect finishing process