Let’s take advantage of private cars to earn money, here are 6 ways

Before deciding to buy a car, consider calculating post-purchase costs, especially expenses for monthly service, taxes or maybe installments if you buy on credit.

Therefore, buying a car often becomes a new burden because the amount of expenditure is not matched by the potential income that can be generated.

In fact, a newly purchased car often does not help the owner much if the purchase is only for prestige or collection.

Quoted from Wynwood Slingshot Rental, there are 6 popular ways that are currently widely used by private car owners to monetize their personal vehicles as new income fields.

The choice of the six methods is very dependent on the condition of the vehicle and personal preferences. What are the ways? here’s the list.

1. Become an online taxi

Collecting money from the results of online taxi drivers is very easy to track, you only need to take passengers from one point to the destination, then the money will be transferred through a digital account.

In addition, being an online taxi also has flexible working hours. This is because passenger orders can come at any time. Starting from busy working hours in the afternoon or evening, or even in certain places it is actually crowded at night, especially in entertainment spots.

There are also many online taxi services in Indonesia, offering different tariff deals. Therefore, becoming an online taxi driver is one of the most profitable options with relatively different incomes in each application provider.

2. Food delivery service

Being a food delivery person might be another option while being a taxi driver. In addition to the differences in the goods and people transported, being a food delivery person has a more specific working time than being a driver.

Usually the demand for delivery services will be high during lunch breaks or dinner breaks. Therefore, to maximize the available time, this job can be a sideline while being an online taxi driver at the same time. Or maybe try some other applications so that the possibility of ordering more and more.

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3. Courier goods

Being a food delivery person at this time can be tiring, usually orders at break times actually make the queue at the restaurant also lengthen. As a result, work time is also wasted. As an option, why not consider becoming a delivery courier other than food.

Some ridehiling services now also provide delivery services, both boxes and files. Usually this type of courier is used for delivery of parcels in cities who want a relatively fast delivery time of only one day. Another option, you should also try to open a wholesale shopping courier service.

4. Advertising services are running

If you don’t want to be an online taxi driver or a food and goods courier, you need to try monetizing your car by opening a mobile advertising service. That is by sticking certain product advertising stickers to vehicles and traveling around the city so that the ad can be seen by many people.

In some countries, the cost of such an ad system is calculated based on how far the car has traveled. The good thing is, the driver does not need to be confused about where and how long to drive. As long as the minimum distance required has been met, then the car owner has fulfilled the agreement and is entitled to a reward

5. Car rental

If you have a car but don’t use it every day, why not just rent it out. Especially in big cities or in tourist cities, car rental services will be in great demand by tourists or newcomers who need to drive themselves but only in a short time.

Car rental services usually do not cover fuel costs, therefore, you can collect millions of rupiah per month without any deductions. This income will greatly help pay for vehicle service fees or taxes.

Even so, the note is to make sure you have more than one vehicle so that when you are renting it, you are not confused about finding a vehicle when you need it. Or, rental services are only opened when you stay at home for a long time and don’t have a vacation plan.

6. Make public transportation or school transportation

There is no need for a bus, or a car like an angkot to open a public vehicle service that transports many people at once from one area to another. In some cities, mini buses with a capacity of 8 to 9 passengers are popular as public transportation when going home.

The facilities needed are only comfortable seats, roadworthy vehicles and sufficient luggage capacity to store goods. Some also require the driver’s willingness to be willing to work physically to help lift passengers’ luggage